How important is it to set goals?

How many time12727908_m time to set goalss do you hear these so called Life Coaches telling you to set goals?

Constantly telling you to be on purpose, know what you want, get to the end game, begin with the end in mind, chunk your goals down to smaller bits and feel good when you achieve them, shoot for the moon and if you miss you will be among the stars.  Be consistent in your approach, be focused, keep your eye on the ball, visualise the end results and you will be successful.

Sounds familiar?

So speaking as a so called Life Coach all you need to do is take action now and decide on a minimum of 3 of the above and use them as your daily mantra and if you really don’t like any of the above try this one:

  • Where you are going?                                                             Destination
  • Where are you now?                                                               Reality
  • What is your trigger?                                                               Inspiration
  • What do you see as your end result?                                   Vision
  • What will happen when you get it?                                       Effect