How well do you know yourself?

C me profiling

Before you embark on going to your interview, you might want to ask yourself the question, “Am I totally prepared”?   If you hesitate before answering and you question your preparation/research on the company, you probably have not done enough.

When you look at a job spec and you say “yes, this job was made for me, happy days” Then you rock up at the interview, self-assured thinking “this job is so mine” with little or no preparation. What do you think the outcome will be?  Have you considered that in that very moment 101 more applicants felt the same way on reading the job spec?

So how can you be different and what can you do in preparation to be ahead of the game?

How well do you know yourself?   We often ask our friends, colleagues, siblings and parents the age old question,” What do you think my strengths are”?  Response tends to be, you’re really good with people, hardworking and a team player and all the other clichés you can think of.  You then pluck up the courage to ask the killer question to the same people, what do you think my weaknesses are? Response…you haven’t really got any, oh that’s a hard one, oh… I know tell them that you are a perfectionist which means you might take too much time on a project or task. Yes, that’s good one.

So let’s park your strengths and weaknesses to one side for a moment.  How many of you know what your behaviour is like when put under pressure?  How many of you know your blind spots? (what others see in your character and behaviour that you don’t see). How many people think they are a team player and in reality they are not?

What if you had an insight to or a profile report that clearly describes you as an individual and how you respond to working as part of a team.  Knowledge is power right?  So if you have information about yourself, wouldn’t you use it for personal development and would you also refer to it occasionally, pulling it out of your tool box as and when you need it.

How about enhancing your strengths which means maximising on your abilities to be even stronger? What about the areas that require development? Imagine being able to say to an interviewer succinctly and confidently where your strengths lie and how they will benefit the company. Imagine being able to say that you recognise certain areas of your behaviour that need developing, and describe what you are doing about it.  How powerful will you feel knowing that you can confidently and colourfully describe yourself in a concise way?

Remember the job spec has been written for you, all you need to do is to plan properly to prevent a poor performance and deliver a summary about you that puts you ahead of the game and blow their minds by pre-empting questions about your behaviour/personality.

Behaviours can be changed and developed, we all have the ability to do this, some of us need help while others naturally do what they need to do.  I consider myself as someone that helps people to get on the right track for their intended destination and in doing so the first step is your 10-minute questionnaire to be completed online.  Remember you don’t know until you know and there are things you don’t know about yourself that you will need to know in order to succeed.