Conquering your limiting beliefs

One day from the middle of know where appeared Wonder Boy. His primary aim was to enlighten humans that were stuck in a world of uncertainty and direction.

Unlike other super heroes, his powers of enlightenment were all based on using the power of the mind.  He was able to clear a path in people minds so they could move forward freely with a clear vision in front them.  He freed them from the super glue that stuck their thought patterns in such a way, that re-in forced their limiting beliefs.

“So how did he release them from the super glue?” I hear you ask.

Well one day, he had an appointment to see a lady who was stuck in her house, she couldn’t move forward or backwards because of all the stuff that cluttered her house, especially her bedroom.

Not being able to move forward or backwards caused her a physical and mental problem.  She lacked energy, suffered with depression and was very anxious about the prospect of clearing and cleaning the clutter.

Wonder Boy quickly assessed the situation and decided that the only way for her to move forward was to clear the clutter from her mind with one of his super power techniques, called Time Line.

First, he got her to relax by taking deep breaths, and then he got her to stand up and simply asked her to imagine she was standing on an invisible line. He then asked her to point to where she thought the future was and where the past was.

The future was directly in front of her and the past was behind her.

“Great” said Wonder Boy, “guess what “he said in an excited voice, “we are going to transport you into the future to a point where you will have cleaned your room and cleared the clutter, are you ok with this.?”

“Yes” replied the lady.

Wonder Boy, asked her to step onto an imaginary line, he then said to her “in a minute I am going to ask you to close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in your bedroom.

“Before I ask you to close your eyes, please point out to me where you see next Thursday, as this is the day by when you would have achieved your goal of cleaning the room?”

The lady without hesitation pointed to where she thought Thursday was.  “Brilliant” said Wonder Boy, “now step forward one week onto next week Thursday and close your eyes.  Now take a deep breath in and slowly release out and again please, now do it again one more time, releasing your breath slowly and relax.”

He then asked her to describe the colour of the room, the colour of the wall, what the room smells like, the colour of the curtains, the colour of the bedsheet and finally the colour of the carpet.

At this point she paused, she said couldn’t see the colour of the carpet.   Wonder Boy realised that she was stuck and quickly asked her to move whatever it was that was covering the carpet and then tell him what colour it is now.  Again, without hesitation, eyes closed she physically used her hands to move the rubbish on the floor.

“It’s a reddish patterned colour” exclaimed the lady with excitement.

“Brilliant” said Wonder Boy, “we are now going to pick up all the rubbish and clutter and place them in a bag, have you got a bag?”

“Yes” she replied.

“What colour is the bag?” said Wonder Boy?

“It’s a pink bag” she replied.

“Fantastic, let me know when you have finished clearing the rubbish from the carpet” said Wonder Boy.

Having cleared the carpet, she went on to clearing the clothes, moving boxes and emptying the room, and at the end of the session, Wonder Boy said “How do you feel now?”

“Energised” she said.

Wonder Boy replied “With this energy, you will go home and continue to clean your room and the next time we meet you can tell me the good news”.

The following month the lady concerned came to see Wonder Boy.  Her demeanour was completely different, her eyes were filled with excitement and energy, bursting to tell him how she had got on.  Her state of depression was no longer visible.

She was no longer stuck in the super glue of depression and anxiety; her room was clean and she has now got a clear vision of the direction she wants to go in and is continuing to make progress.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill