About us

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So what do we do?3582151_m Power of the mind neurons

We help people to:

  • Improve the ability to create rapport and have more meaningful connections with people
  • Manage their emotional state, banishing negative moods and creating instant confidence
  • Focus on the desired outcome or goal
  • Open their minds to be more creative by visualising goals and outcomes
  • Create manageable and measurable steps using a timeline
  • Build confidence to deliver presentations easily
  • Change their eating pattern to lose weight
  • Change their mind set from a negative to positive state

How do we do it?12727908_m time to set goals

By using a combination of coaching strategies, such as:

  • GROW Model (Goal-Reality-Options-When)
  • SCORE Model (Symptom-Cause-Outcomes-Resource-Effect)
  • Perceptual Positioning
  • Meta Programmes
  • Time Line

In business we help with:13012755_m compass

  • Leadership coaching
  • Management coaching
  • Small business coaching
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Executive coaching


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