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Roy provides invaluable support to our clients , working with them on a one-to-one basis and helping those clients that feel they are ‘stuck’ and need this type of additional support.

Our clients have told us that they find these sessions really helpful in helping them to understand their emotions and to find their way forward. 

We are very grateful for his help.

Marion Cole  – Manager   Works for Us

Roy is an amazing business coach.

He changed my way of thinking about so many things and really makes you reflect on your limiting beliefs and the way you think and speak – his words really do go in!

He is a true master at what he does.

Rachel Louize  – Angel Hair Extensions

Hidsons Dealerships at Rainham are taking advantage of DRIVE and C-me Profiling  to train managers to train their employees in our Employee Engagement Programme.

“Our staff were very much engaged in the discussions, to a degree that we had probably not seen before. After the initial session we were approached by a number of them individually saying how much they had enjoyed it and how confident they were that they would be able to get a lot out of the programme going forward. We have had another manager ask to go on the programme subsequently following the feedback from a colleague. It’s not often that happens!” 

Nigel & Sue (Hidson): 

Dear Roy thank you so much for my NLP session! Having never had an NLP session before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was blown away by how much we covered in one session! Childhood habits transformed, I left feeling much lighter and empowered. I have used the tools you gave me to sustain the changes and my life has definitely changed. Thank you so much…

Chandrika Chauhan

Spiritual Coach and Reiki Healer at ChandeReki

” Coach Forever Ltd, carried out a training session for our technical team, focusing on presentation skills, rapport building and body language.  At the end of  training day, everyone took away two positive things that they would use in their business or personal life.  Roy explained the power of using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which certainly made the attendees think about how the mind works and how you can anchor a good feeling to overcome nerves, especially if you lack self-confidence.  His style of training was intuitive, engaging and thought provoking.

We are now looking forward to a series of training sessions with different departments within Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd”

HR Manager Monika Klimek – Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd”

“Having worked with Roy, he has a natural ability to get you to take action with new initiatives and marketing ideas. Attaching a framework and being specific was easy once we committed to starting which is testament to Roy’s approach in asking the right questions to give us the desired outcome.”

Event Manager – iplaygolf

“I have struggled for many years with anxiety attacks, and was recently faced with doing my first public speech to a Mayor and local counsellors. I initially asked Roy to help me prepare and deliver my speech, however what I found him doing was not based on how to do presentations but more importantly dealing with my anxiety and nervousness which has plagued me for a number of years. He used a method which involved me stepping onto a time line, which to be honest I thought was crazy. To my surprise the day of my very first public speech was absolutely fine with very little nerves and no anxiety, so much so that one of my colleagues congratulated me on how well I spoke and how clear I came across to the audience. I would not hesitate in recommending Roy, his approach is so relaxing and effective.”

Apprenticeship Co-ordinator

“I would like to thank Roy for helping me overcome my fear of flying. For many years I have hated every minute of my flight with a fear that I am going to die. I only saw Roy on one occasion and have since flown twice and amazed by the result. I no longer have the white knuckles and nail indents, the tense legs with always trying to put my brakes on and actually quite enjoyed the flights. I can honestly recommend Roy to anyone who may have a fear or phobia as he has certainly helped me.

Roy is very calm and certainly knows his profession!!!! Thanks again Roy.”

Anna Di Rosa, Assistant Manager at The Wilkinson Partnership

“I have had the pleasure of working with Roy in a Life Coaching capacity. The first thing I would say about Roy is that he exudes confidence and happiness and those are qualities that have made our discussions a positive and enjoyable experience. Roy differentiates himself in that his coaching is also complimented with NLP and that’s a powerful combination that has helped me to visualise and focus on my goals.”

Glenn Eastland, Director Slick Media

“Upon meeting Roy, one immediately know that they are in the company of a man of integrity and knowledge. Roy is an inspiring Coach with a wealth of business knowledge and experience of getting people to identify how they can plan, organise and achieve their goals. Roy incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, to help his clients identify how to progress not only in their personal lives but also how to achieve in business.

His passion of helping others to achieve their personal potentials draws one in immediately. After just one hour of mentoring with Roy, enabled me to draw up a successful business plan. His motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm is contagious. He creates a great space for building relationships and rapport, which is extremely useful for overcoming personal and business barriers. He enables his clients to focus on setting realistic and achievable goals, infusing them with confidence and self-motivation.

As result, I have successful achieved my planned goals with great outcomes, I am now running a successful business as a self-employed artist.

Tajinder Bhui, Artist at Westbury Art Studios and Trainer at Works for US

“I would like to thank Roy for helping me with my insecurity issues. The thought of speaking to somebody about personal issues scared me as I am a very private person. Within a couple of minutes of speaking with Roy I was feeling totally at ease and opened up talking about things I never thought I would. I now feel a lot more positive in my day to day life and cannot thank Roy enough for that.”

Keith Gay