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Destination – Reality – Inspiration – Vision – Effect

As business owners, we should be firmly in the driving seat of our businesses, and know exactly where we are going – as opposed to drifting from day to day as some of us do.

However, without the right thought process and performance model, many of us find ourselves almost as passengers in our business … letting it drive us, and so risking that it won’t get us to our destination in the ways that we want – if at all.

What if you were coached as managers to develop your team that creates a desire to achieve their goals?

You’ll revaluate your business and think about having a clear, defined outcome. Guaranteed to DRIVE you towards better business processes and greater profitability.

As a Director/Manager you will find out how to:

  • Ask the right questions to elicit the right response
  • Develop a coaching approach with self and others using coaching strategies
  • Develop your staff in a positive and cohesive manner
  • Understand someone’s internal representational system
  • Change the way you communicate with your employees
  • Open new channels for communication enabling constructive feedback and evaluation
  • Devise strategies to handle the challenges of disengagement and lack of motivation
  • Get the maximum output from your staff without being pushy
  • Explore how the values of each person and those of the organisation are in alignment.

Our coaches will spend time with your organisation to gain a better understanding of what the core values and ethos of the company is.  We will then train your managers in a workshop environment  using DRIVE and other industry standard coaching models.


  • Managers better equipped to develop their staff and teams
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety for managers
  • Better self-sufficiency and better self-management
  • Increased staff and employee engagement, with potential for reduction in attrition rates
  • Clear monitoring and recognition of individual progress towards self-mastery
  • A collaborative, coaching culture promoting individual productivity
  • A collaborative, coaching culture promoting team and organisational productivity
  • An engaged and fulfilled workforce with increased efficiency.